Working with Amethyst was such a blessing. Going blindly into my first birth I had lots of fears. At our first meeting Amethyst put my mind at ease. She did not overwhelm me with too much information like many other prenatal visits I had with other practitioners. She helped me to trust my own judgement while guiding me through the many questions I had. The day I went to labor was when I knew I had chosen the right doula. Amethyst was there with me for 3 days, consistently encouraging me. For 6 hours of pushing she helped me change positions, held my legs, sprayed essential oils in the room and helped keep me calm, focused and feeling supported. I don’t know if I could have made it through having my desired natural birth if it wasn’t for her. She also encouraged me to take placenta encapsulation pills which is helping me feel re-energized every day. Thank you Amethyst! ~Leora E.

Amethyst is truly the best! I highly highly highly recommend her.  I felt her support from the very first moment we began speaking. Her experience, knowledge and skill came across in her friendly and warm way. Every meeting with Amethyst was fun and productive. After our first prenatal visit, when Amethyst gave us tons of tips for the early stages of birth, my husband and I felt we were in such good hands. As it turns out, the way I was carrying my baby, doctors advised me not to labor at home, and eventually to schedule an appointment at the hospital for a version and induction. Amethyst supported us through every step of this process. She was very prompt in responding to my updates and questions and she immediately changed her schedule to meet my changing needs. She has an impressive network and put me in touch with a fantastic acupuncturist and she gave us tons of tips for trying to turn the baby on our own. During the birth, Amethyst was with us 200%. She navigated the hospital setting with ease and was quick to make herself part of the team with doctors and nurses. I ended up having a long labor, and it was so important that Amethyst was there. She helped me manage pain through contractions, she helped me stay hydrated and positive. She helped my husband help me. She is strong, sensitive, and skilled. When I was recovering in the days after my baby was born, the doctors and midwives who helped deliver my baby came to visit us, and EVERY ONE of them commented on how awesome our doula was. The midwife said she meets a lot of doulas, and Amethyst is exceptional. Amethyst also encapsulated my baby’s placenta. When she arrived to our postpartum visit, she brought a beautifully wrapped print and package of pills, salve and tincture. It was another example of her exceptional work. Amethyst clearly loves what she does and she puts her whole beautiful self into her work. If I were to give birth again, I would want her there! ~Catherine S.

Hiring Amethyst was one of the best decisions we made during the whole pregnancy. Looking back, I cannot imagine how my birth would have gone without her – she was a ray of sunshine during some pretty difficult and scary moments. For one, Amethyst took time to call me when certain fears popped up in my mind regarding birthing. She empathized with me and warmly assured me that my fears were not based on fact. By the end of the conversation, I felt like I had just talked to one of my best friends. I really appreciated her professional knowledge and ability to communicate with me in a reassuring way. My husband really appreciated it too! Second, Amethyst’s presence at the birth of our son was priceless. During my birth, I was able to remain calm because SHE was calm and smiling the whole time! Amethyst spoke so sweetly to me and helped me feel more at peace. Third is perhaps Amethyst’s most shining moment: the pushing stage. I could NOT have done it without her help. She took complete control of the room at that moment and coached me how to breathe during those intense contractions. I honestly have no idea what I would have done without her. She coached me on how to push most efficiently and encouraged me with words and smiles. All during this chaotic process, I was able to remain hopeful and optimistic because of her. I cannot sufficiently explain how much of a blessing she was to me. There are many other wonderful things I could say about Amethyst, but there is one more thing I want to point out. Amethyst was not only nice and sweet to my husband and I, but she was nice and sweet to EVERYONE. I noticed in the hospital that she was respectful to the nurses (even if they were being a tad ridiculous) and kind to everyone she met. I think this speaks beyond Amethyst’s job role and into her character. She is genuine, pure gold and you cannot go wrong in hiring her as your doula. I recommend her 1,000%! ~Lindsey S.

Amethyst was an absolute joy to work with. During our prenatal visits, she thoroughly explained everything about the labor and birth process and answered any questions I had about a doula and their role in the birthing process and about birth in general. She is incredibly knowledgeable. We also created a birth plan. We spoke about what to pack in my birth bag, I learned about HypnoBirthing and MANY other things that Amethyst specializes in. Her loving, funny, happy, calm presence was so soothing and very supportive to me. She made me feel so prepared for birth. While Amethyst was terrific prenatally, during the labor itself is where she really shined. She was absolutely the BEST cheerleader, coach, friend, and advocate. She was intuitive and knew exactly what I needed in each moment of the labor. We used essential oils (heavenly), Rebozo techniques (she’s an expert in Rebozo and teaches workshops to other birth professionals on how to use it) and HypnoBirthing. We also practiced Breathing Techniques, dim lighting, music, and dancing! I had the un-medicated vaginal birth of my dreams! Once my baby was born, we started breastfeeding which is yet ANOTHER area of expertise for Amethyst. She also encapsulated my placenta! There isn’t much that Amethyst doesn’t do. She is the utmost professional and clearly well respected by medical staff. Words can not truly express the gratitude I have for her support and guidance. I feel incredibly lucky to have had Amethyst by my side as my doula and would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone! She will always be in the hearts of myself and my family! ~Katrina L.

Amethyst made our birth experience a beautiful one. When I first met Amethyst, I could tell instantly that she would be the one to be there when my baby was born.  She has such a great positive, calming energy about her, she is someone you would want to be around anytime, but especially during labor.  You can tell that she loves what she does, she cannot hide her love for Mamas and Babies (and Daddys too!) She was great during the prenatal period, answering questions and helping us prepare for our first child.  We loved having her in our home and talking with her.  She was AMAZING when it came time for the birth.  She was so supportive, she gave me the strength I needed to get through it.  I can’t imagine doing it without her.  We had a LONG labor at a hospital, but Amethyst came in and created a welcoming and peaceful environment with lighting, oils, and music.  We had to make medical decisions about the birth while there and Amethyst was helpful in providing us advice, even reaching out to others in her network for more information, and fully supportive of all our decisions. We also used Amethyst’s encapsulation services, and we are looking forward to her Dancing for Birth classes.  We are already thinking about baby #2, and of course will book Amethyst immediately.  I can’t express enough how much we love her. We laughed, we cried, we birthed a tiny human. ~Kelly N.

As the husband, not knowing what a doula was or their role, I did not know what to expect with a doula, or the whole birth experience.  I must say, that now knowing how a doula helps a couple (not just the wife) experience the journey of birth, Amethyst exemplifies what a doula should be. My wife gave birth to our first child on January 16th, and we were so lucky to have Amethyst be a part of it.  We cannot thank her enough for being so patient and caring, for all of her great suggestions, and for the answers to our many questions. I would recommend her to anyone. ~Mbaye N.

Before I start, in case you do not have the time to read my whole testimonial, AMETHYST WAS WONDERFUL! From the moment my wife suggested Amethyst, I knew she would be a great help to my budding family. During our first interview, she was very friendly and was eager to answer any questions we had as a family. During the birth process, she was very encouraging when my wife’s contractions started. I called her and she guided me till it was time to go to the hospital. As we got to the hospital, she was already there waiting to receive us. She had filled in the paper work that she could and through the entire process, until birth, she was a blessing. She gave my wife the support she required that I could not provide and did not sleep a wink till the baby came (which I did shamefully for 30 minutes cause I was exhausted; and my wife insists was 1 hr!). She also came for a postnatal visit which was very helpful. I would recommend Amethyst to anyone requiring the services of a Doula without reservations and I’ve already booked her services for next year (although my wife doesn’t know about my plans yet! ; ) ~Olamide O.

I am a Nurse Practitioner and my husband is a Physician, but my husband and I would agree that Amethyst provided a service that neither of us could have offered. While Amethyst did not take the place of my doctor nor husband; she was the reassuring non-judgmental voice and comforting assistant that is absolutely necessary during labor and delivery. I had originally planned to have a natural birth, but after 16 hours of unbearable back labor, I made the decision to have an epidural. Usually the anesthesiologist would not allow for anyone other than staff and your partner to remain in the room during a procedure, but even my anesthesiologist was impressed with Amethyst and allowed her to stay to assist me. My husband and I will attest to the fact that Amethyst was the best decision regarding choosing a doula. Our experience would not have been the same without her. I recommend Amethyst without reservation. ~Kemi O.

WE LOVE AMETHYST! Amethyst was our doula for the birth of our first daughter, and we don’t know what we would have done without her.  The baby was posterior for several weeks leading up to the labor, and with Amethyst’s help (and a few tough contractions) we finally turned her just in time and had a complication-free home birth. Amethyst helped in so many ways, both with the laboring itself and just keeping our apartment in some semblance of order and keeping mama in a good state of mind as things progressed.  Her presence was just so supportive and she gave mom lots of strength and confidence.  She also helped both of us (mom and dad) make sure we stayed hydrated and conserved our energy. We would definitely have Amethyst again as our doula! ~Oren B.

We had Amethyst to assist my wife and I in the birth of our son and she was awesome. The birth was unexpectedly long and arduous for medical reasons. Despite attending a birth the day before, Amethyst’s energy, confidence and smile never diminished. Her amazing doula-ing skills, replete with positioning, breathing and visualization exercises, allowed my wife to deal with the pain of induced labor without an epidural for a lot longer than is normally possible. After the birth was over, she easily got the baby breastfeeding. She is quite knowledgeable about breastfeeding and gave us even more assistance when she came to see us for a postpartum visit. I definitely recommend Amethyst and feel that her services were worth several times what we paid. ~Matt I.

From the moment I met Amethyst I knew she was ‘the one’. I was searching for a doula that I could trust implicitly, a doula that would bring warmth, love and empowerment to the birth of my second child. Amethyst provided all of this and so much more. Amethyst was a wonderful nurturing support both emotionally and practically. As she shared her amazing knowledge of child birth, rebozo and essential oils, her bubbly personality made each session an absolute joy. She ensured that both my husband and I had the opportunity to share our hopes and fears for the birth; thereby empowering us to approach this amazing event with confidence and as a united team. When the big day finally arrived, Amethyst was amazing and integral to making this birth one of the true highlights of my life. She effortlessly created an atmosphere of calm confidence through her visualization techniques, music, candles and oils. She helped me find the inner strength to bring my child into the world in an atmosphere of peace and love. My experience with Amethyst was truly amazing. ~Claire C.

If you want your labor experience to be less stressful, more comfortable and to feel like you are a part of a team (vs. the useless man in the room), then bring Amethyst on board.  We just had our second child and having Amethyst this time around made our experience 10x more peaceful and positive. Being the guy in labor process can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t have any family close by and having Amethyst there made me feel like this was a positive, beautiful experience and not something to go grey over. She brings experience, positivity and practical advice to the event. And not to mention she creates an amazing environment with her mastery of essential oils and lighting. Simply. The. Best. ~Tony C.

Speaking from a husbands point of view Amethyst was great. I at first was a bit skeptical of a doula, but now I feel that it was well worth the money. While a hospital may take care of the medical needs for the birth, they do not do much for the psychological needs, and there is no real attempt to keep you and your partner relaxed or make it a positive experience. If your birth goes like ours, the baby will come a month early with no prior indication and you will be awake for 36 or more hours while highly stressed as you realize you are not really prepared for this. First, as the partner you are the only person who can go into the birthing room (unless you have a doula). This means you will most likely be in comforting your partner and then running in and out constantly to give family updates, talk to nurses, fetch drinks/food etc. You may even find yourself having to run home. It was great to have Amethyst take care of some of these needs and to keep me sane, especially as everybody’s focus was on my wife not me. Amethyst was great for keeping my wife and I both relaxed and it was very comforting to know when I ran out and had to leave my wife she was there with someone that we trusted and she did not feel alone. She was also great at leading my wife through labor. During labor there are nurses a doctor and you, and you are expected to lead your partner through labor. I was by far the least qualified person in the room to do this, and in truth there are few things I am less qualified to do in the world. Without going into details this is where Amethyst really was critical and did a really fantastic job. Amethyst, gave us confidence, which removed a lot of the stress. She also kept us relaxed by explaining what is going on and what to expect. She saw needs and took care of them before they arose and created a soothing environment. My wife and I plan on having a second child and when we do we will be calling Amethyst back. ~Eric S.

We really lucked out finding Amethyst, she was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process:  prenatal visits, birth, and postpartum visit.  My daughter was born about 3 weeks early but that didn’t affect Amethyst’s availability in the least.  Being a doula is a labor of love for her and it comes through with everything she does.  I cannot imagine NOT having Amethyst at our birth and when we are ready for baby #2, we’ll be calling her up (this was our first).  She is incredibly knowledgable with a wide range of techniques and ideas but will listen carefully as to what you want for your birth and will support you whole heartedly.  PLUS – she is so caring and attentive and FUN – seriously, she has a great personality and I am so happy that she was part of our birth.  I cannot believe how calm she kept me during my 24+ hour labor and never seemed to tire.  All of the nurses at the hospital loved coming into our birthing room because Amethyst created such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere; with lighting, essential oils, and her pleasant and positive demeanor. I can’t recommend Amethyst enough, she is so wonderful and we are so happy to have found her.  She’ll be in our hearts forever 🙂 ~Jennifer S.